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Sep 04, 2011, 04:47 IST | Amrita Bose

New York-based designers Jennifer and Eddie would like you to wear a moustache on your tie rather than your upper lip

New York-based designers Jennifer and Eddie would like you to wear a moustache on your tie rather than your upper lip

Jennifer Ng and Eddie Tsai, creators of the moustache tie clip, don't attribute its creation to a design leap or any particular epiphany. Rather, they claim that inspiration came after watching a few too many episodes of Mad Men, a sitcom set against the 1960s Madison Avenue advertising scene full of gentlemen in retro suits and sex on their minds, coupled with an occasion when Ng attended a mustachio-themed party.

Available in silver and gunmetal versions, the moustache tie clip is pitched as a retro yet elegant option and is a clip rather than a traditional tie pin. "A tie pin actually pierces the tie to keep it in place, but our tie clip is clipped to the tie and the shirt," Tsai tells us, over an email interview from New York.

According to Tsai, he gets asked a lot about why they choose to sport moustaches as tie clips. His answer is simple. "Our response is... why not? We've learned that the moustache crowd take their facial hair very seriously. We found that most moustache-themed objects lacked depth -- we really wanted a moustache shape that was elegant enough to serve as a tie clip, but also be rounded and not just a flat moustache," says 28-year-old Tsai.

The Hair Apparent
Launched on kickstarter.com, a space that lets artistes raise funds for their projects, in June this year, The Moustache Tie Clip Project reached its goal of $3,000 on August 1. "Kickstarter is a great website designed to help crowd-fund creative projects.  When we came up with the moustache tie clip idea, we loved it but weren't sure what others would think of this quirky and practical accessory," says Tsai, who has studied digital and creative arts and is now pursuing his MBA. Ng has previously worked as a trainer in the legal industry.

Bal ki khaal
While digging deep into the world of facial hair in New York, the designer duo found out that most designers and department stores didn't even know why designers had stopped making tie clips. "It's actually difficult to find tie clips that are suitable for slim ties -- they are often too wide and very conservative," he explains.

"The fashion-business is returning to slimmer cuts and tailored fits. This is especially true with ties, which are now becoming sleeker. Men who have grown up in this generation who wear ties know how frustrating it can be to wear a tie that flops around; we intend to reintroduce this practical accessory in a fun way," he adds.
Doesn't matter if it's his or hers

While the moustache clip might look and feel old school, it is a modern and practical accessory, claim its makers. The clip saves you from everyday tie-related disasters. It is also a great alternative for those who cannot grow a moustache. Even women can make their own style statement and wear it on their shirt or jacket lapels like 26 year-old Ng does, or as a brooch below your buttoned-up Peter Pan collar.

Hair raising for a good cause
The response to the moustache clip has been overwhelming so far, says Tsai. "We have people wearing our tie clip all over the world and it has become increasingly popular as a wedding accessory for groomsmen.  When we began wearing them on the streets of New York, we would often get asked where they could also get one too." Future plans include the tie clip being made available in a matte black colour. The duo is also in discussions with notable charities like Movember, an annual campaign that takes places globally where men grow moustaches all through the month of November to help raise awareness for prostate cancer. "Our goal is to one day have our moustache tie clip be the equivalent of the pink ribbon pin worn for breast cancer," says an optimistic Tsai.
That sounds like fun.

Shamik Sengupta
Advertising Professional, Bangalore

I think this tie clip works well for those who wear ties and have a sense of humour and most importantly a fat wallet. It is basically designed for slim ties and won't really work on formal ties. I like the retro feel of it. It has a very gentlemen's club meets Uncle Oswald kind of vibe to it. If it were to wear it, I would do so
for a casual do with a slim tie.

Sumit Jha, Private Wealth Management, Mumbai
I would not buy or use this tie clip because it is not really formal according to Indian standards. Also, the extra 14 dollars shipping charge is too much for me to pay. It doesn't really go with my image and it is too creative looking to be worn to work. On casual days I don't wear ties.
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