District election office thinks out of the box

Published: Oct 16, 2012, 08:11 IST | Priyankka Deshpande

Puts up drop boxes at rationing offices, SETU centres for people to submit Form 7 to get names, addresses corrected in voter list

In a bid to simplify the procedure of correcting ones name and address in voters list, the district election office had put up drop boxes where people can submit their Form 7 with the correction. The facility, which will continue till the end of this month, can also be used to omit names of deceased family member, include a new voters and delete repeated names from the voters list.

“It is the voter’s responsibility to come forward if he or she wants to make any correction. But as people become quite apathetic when it come to following the procedure, we came up with this idea,” said District Deputy Election Officer Apurva Wankhede.

Novel initiative:  One of the drop boxes put up in the city. Such boxes have been placed at eight rationing offices (for the city) and SETU centres (for rural areas). People can drop in their Form 7 with the correction in these. Pic/PRriyannkaA Deshpande

She added that the election office has always been under criticism for not deleting names of deceased voters, repeated names.

However, people aren’t aware that it is compulsory for one to remain present for the personal hearing. The repeated names are deleted only in front of the voter. In case of deceased voters, the name is omitted from the list in front of the deceased’s relative.

“Once somebody had submitted the death certificate of a voter and his name was deleted from the voters list. Later, when the person decided to contest municipal elections from Pimpari, we discovered that his death certificate was fake, and somebody got his name deleted because of political rivalry,” Wankhede said.

To avoid such instances, personal hearing has become necessary, she said. She added that many a times it become difficult to issue hearing notices, as people shift from their residential address. Now we have decided that we’ll delete ones name after we stick the notice at voter’s last known address and take signature of two witnesses who testify that the particular voter doesn’t live there anymore.

The district election office has also sent a proposal to the election commission seeking approval to put the list of deleted names on the election commission’s website and in the district election offices, informed Wankhede. 

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