Divya's foody thoughts

Jun 12, 2012, 06:43 IST | Gauri Pradhan

Divya Dutta, who is an 'expensive cook' according to her mom, is a complete food lover.

She talks to CS about cooking as an experience:

For a plate of chaat!
I like all cuisines. I like to travel the world and be a part of different cultures by enjoying their food. But like everyone else, I love home food. My mom’s an amazing cook and I like her dal-chawal, chicken and sambar. I am good with soups and salads. But I am not really a health-conscious person and I never starve myself. It’s the call of my profession that makes me follow certain food regimes. Otherwise, I am a junk food lover. I can also give anything for a plate of chaat.

The perfect setting
Cooking can’t happen without music for me. I mostly listen to upbeat numbers and Pancham Da’s songs are my all-time favourites.

A rejuvenating experience
Cooking is a rejuvenating experience for me. And cooking good food, feeding people and making them happy is a great feeling in itself.

Mom, me and my cooking
If I have messed up a dish in the kitchen, mom would be the last person I would call. She would yell at me. But I do take down new recipes that she tries, like juices or some innovative sabzi. She also calls me an expensive cook though. I always end up cooking either too much or too less. There was this one time when I cooked so much that my mom had to distribute it amongst her friends.

Spicy yet sweet
My favourite spice would be chat masala. It can make anything tasty and I don’t really like bland food. Otherwise my weaknesses would be dark chocolate, ras malai, hot gulab jamuns and jalebis. My favourite rain food is bhajiya and chai. 

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