DJ Edward Maya: I feel very attracted to India

Feb 19, 2016, 08:11 IST | The Guide Team

Romanian DJ Edward Maya is back in India, and ready to reconnect with his audience at a gig tonight

Q. How would you describe your music to our readers?
A. My music has a profound spiritual dimension and it fits perfectly with the energy that I found in the people of India. It reaches people’s hearts; it makes those who listen to it live all kind of emotions with me. If you listen carefully to the music and lyrics of my songs, I’m sure you and those reading this interview will find yourself somewhere in it.

Edward Maya in a still from his music video (right)
Edward Maya in a still from his music video (right)

Q. What is it that makes you return to India?
A. There is a synchronicity about India. Deep down in my soul I feel very attracted to India; I am home when I am there. But returning to now, it is because of the fact that I love India and the people there with all my soul that God made it possible to have such a huge success for which I am grateful.

Q. Have you heard any music from India or plan to collaborate with any Indian artistes?
A. Like any artiste, I wanted my music to be appreciated and of course, I dreamed of everything that can be achieved by an artist in this domain. Therefore my joy is even greater, because I am one of the few artistes who fulfilled their dreams.

I appreciate Indian artistes — I think they have a very special voice. There are ongoing projects with several Indians artistes. I have a collaboration with Sona Mohapatra for the film Shab made by Indian director Oni. We hope that it turns out to be a successful one. There’s another collaboration with a lovely voice, Kanika Kapoor, and other talented artistes, but we will talk about them when the projects materialise.

On: Today, 7 pm onwards
At: Dublin Square, Level 1 Phoenix Marketcity, Kurla.
Entry: Free
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