DJ Paul van Dyk: EDM sounds today have nothing to do with Electronic music

Updated: May 15, 2015, 09:14 IST | Dhara Vora |

Grammy Award-winning German DJ Paul van Dyk is out with a new album, The Politics of Dancing 3. He speaks about collaborating with artistes and why he hates Commercial Electronic music, in a telephonic interview with Dhara Vora

Q. You have collaborated with several artistes in The Politics of Dancing 3. What made you change course?
A. I wanted this album to represent what Electronic music means to me and what my idea of Electronic music is. I didn't want the album to just have mixed tracks as music today is so fast-paced. By the time the song comes out, there is already something new out there. That's why rather than adding on someone else's song, I thought of collaborating with artistes and creating something new. I want it to stand strong for years to come. Making music is fun and doing this fun thing with your friends is even more so. That's why collaborating with artistes was special.

Q. What do you think has led to the Electronic music scenario being so fast-paced and time-bound today?
A. Music, to me, is straightforward: it is emotions, powerful and intense. But the so-called 'EDM' sounds today have nothing to do with Electronic music. There are some songs that were made a decade ago that you would still listen to today, though what is served now is very Pop and you might not listen to it later.

Q. Is it easier for new guys to enter the industry today?
A. While there is competition, the outlets to present your music do help. Back in the day, if I would give a track I made to my favourite DJ, he would ask me to keep it with me. Today, if a popular DJ picks up your track and plays it for his gig or radio channel, the new artiste is instantly reaching a wider base.

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Q. So, would you pick up a song by a newbie?
A. If it is unique and is the kind of sound I believe in, I surely would.

Q. You have been touring India frequently now. Will we see you here soon?
A. It might happen by the end of the year. India is an important music destination today. But for me it's not just a big market but rich in culture, history, religion, which is a major influence. I don't want to just be a part of the next hot thing but want it to be an experience. Which is why I come back.

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