Do Dooni Char - Movie review

Published: Oct 09, 2010, 06:32 IST | Tushar Joshi

Dir: Habib Faisal Cast: Rishi Kapoor, Neetu Singh, Aditi Vasudev, Archit Krishna

Do Dooni Char
U; Family
Dir: Habib Faisal 
Cast: Rishi Kapoor, Neetu Singh, Aditi Vasudev, Archit Krishna
Rating: ***

What's it about: In an age of designer clothes, auto tuned vocals and larger than life special effects, Do Dooni Char comes as a breath of fresh air. Perhaps inspired from RK Laxman's common man or the '80s telly show Wagle Ki Duniya. The Duggal family is a sukhi parivar making ends meet in their middle class life until an odd situation inspires them to upgrade their vehicle from a scooter to a car. The father (Rishi) a school teacher believes they don't need a four wheeler. But when his college-going daughter plans to join a call-centre to save money for paying off the EMIs for the vehicle, he tells his wife (Neetu) he won't disappoint his kids and buy a brand new car. The focus of the film is on dialogues between the characters that are simple, likeable and very easy to relate to.

What's hot: Rishi and Neetu played smart waiting for the right script to come along. DDC is the perfect comeback vehicle for the jodi. Neetu had us wanting more of her in Love Aaj Kal, here she gives a splendid uplifting performance. Completely at ease with her character, she doesn't feel like the star wife or a super star mom even for a bit. Instead she slips under the skin of the housewife and mother struggling to make ends meet. Likewise Rishi becomes Santosh Duggal right from the opening frame. Be it his style of riding his scooter with utmost pride or old school mentality about settling for an aloo parantha instead of cheese, he's a super delight. Even the kids Aditi Vasudev and Archit Krishna are real and not annoying in the filmy way. Fortunately the director never tries to cash in on the Rishi-Neetu chemistry, instead he lets it develop along the way. There's a scene where you can see a frame from their actual wedding album in the backdrop, which puts an instant smile on the face. Dialogues seem like everyday conversations instead of hackneyed lines written for effect.

What's not: The pace slackens in the second half. Since the entire film pivots around Duggal's dream of buying a car, there isn't much happening on the periphery. Despite a pleasant soundtrack, the wedding song stands out as sore thumb. Those expecting a rush of drama might be disappointed, as the story takes its own time to work around you.

What to do: A must watch for the impeccable Rishi-Neetu chemistry. Do Dooni Char is a simple heartwarming film that will touch everyone's heart.

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