Doctor hangs self with skipping rope

Jun 21, 2013, 00:51 IST | Saurabh Vaktania

Family, friends say the deceased, who ran Sanjeevani Hospital in Khar, was financially well off; cops yet to determine cause of suicide

A 54-year-old doctor from Khar committed suicide last afternoon by hanging himself with a skipping rope inside a room at the hospital he ran at Khar. The doctor, identified as Dr Rajendra Maruti Borade, was found hanging from the ceiling by the cashier of the hospital.

Sanjeevani Hospita
Motive unclear: Sanjeevani Hospital at Golibar road, Khar, was run by Dr Borade who committed suicide yesterday morning. Cops have not ruled out foul play as he had use of only one hand owing to a paralytic attack

According to police officials, Dr Borade resided with his wife Nalini and two daughters at the home, which was attached to Sanjeevani Hospital, located at Golibar Road, Khar.

On Thursday morning, the hospital’s cashier Subhangi Walekar met Dr Borade and he asked her why she had not been to work the previous day.

“He asked me about the electrician and then said, ‘I’m, going to rest, don’t disturb me’,” said Walekar in her police statement.

She said that around 11 am, the electrician arrived and Dr Borade asked him to finish the work on the ground floor. “At 12.15 pm, when I went upstairs, he did not open the door and when I opened it, I found his body hanging from the ceiling with a skipping rope.”

The police have filed an accidental death report (ADR) and are still determining the cause of the suicide, as his friends and family said that he was financially well off and friendly. His body was later sent to a nearby hospital for the post-mortem examination.

A family friend said, “Dr Borade was joyful in nature. Recently, he had attended a meeting with doctors. Financially too, he was not having any trouble. He did not seem troubled or upset when I last spoke to him. Dr Borade had suffered a paralytic attack 10 years ago, owing to which he was unable to move his right hand completely. It is very hard to believe he committed suicide and how he managed to do so, with only one hand.”

A police officer said, “It is very difficult to commit suicide with one hand, especially if it was affected owing to a paralytic attack. We cannot rule out foul play.” Senior Inspector Ashok Borse of Nirmal Nagar police station said, “The exact reason for suicide is still unknown. The family is in a state of shock, hence, we shall be taking their statements later after which the reason could be determined.” 

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