Doctors remove woman's gall bladder instead of appendix

Aug 17, 2012, 10:08 IST | Agencies

Doctors in a Jammu and Kashmir hospital operated on a woman and removed her gall bladder instead of appendix leading to a public outcry.

In a case of alleged negligence, doctors in a hospital in Jammu and Kashmir removed the gall bladder of a woman instead of her swollen appendix.

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The incident took place at the sub-district hospital in Kashmir's Ganderbal district.

The doctors became targets of public anger late Thursday when it was discovered that they had removed the gall bladder of a woman who was diagnosed as a patient of appendicitis, hospital sources said.

The block medical officer of the hospital later tried to pacify the agitated husband and relatives of the patient by ordering an inquiry into the incident.

Earlier this month, a pregnant woman delivered a baby in a vehicle on her way back home after doctors at the same hospital sent her back saying her delivery was still not due. 

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