Does mama know best?

Jul 18, 2012, 07:35 IST | Lindsay Pereira

Yahoo! delivers big win for women: Makes 37-year Marissa Mayer its CEO. Turns out she's also expecting a baby. Corporate America is changing

‘Yahoo! delivers big win for women: Makes 37-year Marissa Mayer its CEO. Turns out she’s also expecting a baby. Corporate America is changing.’ That tweet by Pedro Mendes was one of many commenting on the American portal. Arun Verma had this to say: ‘Finally, Yahoo has a CEO who will deliver!’ There was this comment from Gabbar Singh: ‘The reason Mayer was appointed is she was the only CEO candidate who could correctly recall her Yahoo Mail password.’ And from Tommy Wee: ‘Yahoo’s new CEO will probably research Yahoo’s corporate history by Googling.’

The founding member of legendary rock band Deep Purple, keyboard player Jon Lord, died at 71, prompting a flurry of tweets paying tribute. TwiceBakedPotato described him as ‘The man who arguably wrote the most famous four notes in rock history (Smoke on the Water).’ Jaideep Khare tweeted: ‘Stop what you’re doing and play some Deep Purple, you buggers.’ There was this comment from Stand Up To Cancer: ‘It takes a musician to master an instrument. It takes a genius to turn that instrument into a voice.’ And from Mark Steel: ‘Very sad about Jon Lord. He was from a time when violent heavy metal had a tune that all the family could enjoy.’

Another tragedy
Also remembered was Stephen Covey, author of The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, who died at 80. Kristie Kenney tweeted: ‘Thank you for teaching us a great life lesson: Be proactive, not reactive.’ Dambisa Moyo described him as ‘A truly inspiring author who taught millions how to improve their lives.’ And Maria Ressa tweeted: ‘I read 7 Habits when I was still in school. It steered the way I looked at the world.’

The last word
From his holiness, the Dalai Lama: ‘People in every part of the world are fed up with violence; increasingly, people are looking for ways to create peace.’

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