Don't cry for me, says Armstrong

Aug 27, 2012, 09:41 IST | PA Sport

Lance Armstrong says he is not looking for sympathy after the US Anti-Doping Agency stripped him of his seven Tour de France titles

USADA gave Armstrong a lifetime ban after the Texan said he would no longer be contesting the doping charges levelled against him.

The organisation say they have over a dozen witnesses, up to 10 of whom are believed to be former teammates, who agreed to testify and give evidence that the Texan used performance-enhancing drugs and encouraged others to do so.

Speaking in Aspen, Colorado, where he finished second in a 36-mile mountain bike race behind 16-year-old rider Keegan Swirbul, Armstrong said: “Nobody needs to cry for me, I’m going to be great. My foundation is unaffected by all the noise out there.”

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