'Don't give up theatre just because of a lack of money'

Mar 14, 2013, 22:53 IST | Kartiki Nitin Lawate

The Guide chatted with playwright Kshitej Patwardhan on the successful run of his play Nava Gadi, Nava Rajya

Kshitej Patwardhan, playwright of the Gujarati play Nava Gadi, Nava Rajya is ecstatic as his play recently completed 50 stage shows. The play is based on the experiences of a married couple and was originally staged in Marathi. Here’s what Patwardhan has to say:

Gujarati theatre respects production
Gujarati commercial theatre and Marathi commercial theatre are very similar to each other; there is always a give-and-take of ideas here. The Gujarati theater organisers approached us and now we have completed 50 stage shows. Gujarati theatre is at a mature stage and they respect production values a lot. Hindi and English theatre also have their own target audience and mature plays work a lot.

Nava Gadi, Nava Rajya

Comedy vs serious plays
The Marathi theatre audience appreciates all kinds of plays — serious as well as comedy. It has adapted and is more open to changes whereas Gujarati theatre mostly includes comedy plays.

Poster of Nava Gadi, Nava Rajya

Entanglement and unravelling
A film based on the play will release by June 2013. The play depicts the story of a four-month old married couple. Theirs is an arranged marriage, and now the two are discovering the various facets of each other’s personalities. At times exciting, at times disappointing, the two are unraveling before each other. The entanglement of the couple is endearing and the estrangement is devastating. The evolving relationship between the two forms the basis of this family play.

Financial constraints
There is, of course, a lack of financial backing in this field but consistency helps. One should not give up just if there is less money. You can pursue something else along with writing plays to supplement your income such as working in movies, etc.

You will be surprised to know that only one out of 100 writers, who write during college, actually end up as playwrghts. The ratio should increase so that people get a chance to watch new plays.  

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