"Don't forget to have fun while working"

Jul 09, 2013, 01:49 IST | Kartiki Nitin Lawate

Ganesh Natarajan, vice chairman and CEO, Zensar Technologies has turned writer with his debut book, Through the Corporate Lens. The Guide chats with the author about his journey from a humble background to the corporate corridors

Ganesh Natarajan, vice chairman and CEO, Zensar Technologies gets candid about his new book, Through the Corporate Lens. Excerpts from the interview:

About the book
Through the Corporate Lens has been published by Vishwakarma Publications and is all about my experience of starting Zensar to getting it to the position it is at today. The book is in three parts -- what I have been through, what I feel about the corporate sector and the difference between Zensar and other corporate houses.

His family background
I grew up in a middle class family that had strong family values. I studied in Ranchi where my father had a small factory. A dinner once at a restaurant and a book a month was all we could call luxury. We didn’t have aspirations like today’s youngsters.

Younger generation
Aspirations of the younger generation are very high and the corporate sector is ready to fulfill them. We are going down the way the US is. Youngsters are buying things on loan and getting into debt, they jump jobs for salary and the commitment towards the organistaion is very less. Salary is important; everybody wants to be richer, which is a good thing. But I only expect that people remember our culture as well.

A different approach
We have a friendly and fun atmosphere in the organisation. If anyone wants to leave the job, I personally talk to him about his problems and try to sort them.

Skill to maintain the organistaion
Different skills are needed to start an organistaion, to maintain it and for it to grow. I try to avoid taking people at the beginner level from IIT and IIM, but we hire them at the manager level as they have worked for 5-6 years and their experience helps grow our organisation. Youngsters start their own groups but after some years they cannot sustain it as it is difficult to maintain the people in the organistaion. Keeping employees happy and work atmosphere healthy is very important.

About stress levels
Stress is increasing in youngsters as their expectations are very high. Self realisation is very important, one must enjoy the work they do to relieve themselves from the stress. If you feel that the work you’re doing is what you actually wanted to do, then you will not feel stressed out.

Free time
I like to read and listen to Carnatic music in my free time. My wife loves music a lot, so, we listen to it when we get time. Once in a year we go for a 10-day trip to a place where we have not been to earlier and relax.

I love to watch Bollywood movies; I recently watched and liked Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani.

Tips to youngsters
Be focussed on what you do, try to be loyal to the company you work with and don’t forget to have fun while working because that will help relieve stress and increase productivity.

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