Don't want another baby as yet: Christina Applegate

Sep 17, 2012, 09:05 IST | PTI

Actress Christina Applegate is cherishing every moment of being a first-time mother so much so that she is not ready to have another baby anytime soon.

The 40-year-old, who gave birth to daughter Sadie Grace in January 2011, is in awe of the changes taking place in her daughter every day and doesn't want to miss any precious moments with her baby, reported Daily Mirror.

Christina Applegate
Christina Applegate

"Nope! Not yet. I just want to spend time with Sadie now. I love little babies I do I just love this little person now. I love the talking, the conversing, giggling, being funny, dancing little person.

"And I want to just kind of spend that time right now and not be going, 'Oh I can't do that because now I've gotta do that. And I'm working and it's just too much!," she said.

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