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Jun 10, 2013, 06:31 IST | The Guide Team

Wayam is a new monthly bilingual children's magazine launched on June 8, which offers a mix of knowledge and entertainment and aims to get children hooked to reading

Wayam (Sanskrit: all of us) is a new bilingual magazine targetted at children from 8 to 15 years. It seeks to join in the ranks of popular magazines such as Chandamama in an age where kids often have access to a lot of information online.

An article in the magazine

The inaugural issue includes articles on topics ranging from scientific facts about the monsoon, an article on flowers, stories on personalities such as astronomer Sunita Williams, a visit to a cashew factory, an article on kangaroos, puzzles and tricks with mathematics, a colouring page, as well as stories by students.

Cover page of Wayam

Explaining the idea behind the magazine, Shrikant Bapat, publisher of Wayam, says, “In my childhood, I had to walk miles for reading and even though we are in a global IT world there is a large chunk of society deprived from the information which is an important supplement for knowledge and growth.

I had this magazine in my mind for a long time as I was born and brought up in a village and studied and worked in the city. Wayam is an effort to reach out to English medium students and for them to gain proper knowledge of Marathi language.”

While the all-colour magazine is enticing, we wish it wasn’t so text-heavy and had more interesting visuals to grip the young reader. We also hope they rev up their English content as presently, a majority of their articles are in Marathi.

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