Double tragedy for 'Chak De!' actress Shilpa Shukla

May 08, 2013, 08:49 IST | Kunal M Shah

Barely a month after she lost her father, Shilpa Shukla's apartment got gutted in fire

Shilpa Shukla has probably had the worst year of her life. She lost her father in March and then lost her apartment in Kandivali to fire.

Shilpa Shukla

Suddenly homeless, the actress has been staying with her Chak De! India co-star Chitrashi Rawat’s house since the past few days. Shilpa is still reeling under the double tragedy that stuck her.

Shilpa Shukla's burnt house
Shilpa Shukla's burnt house

She says, “I was out of town for a while as first I my father passed away and then I was shooting for BA Pass. Back in town, I was in a meeting when my neighbours called me to inform that my house was on fire. I rushed home to find that the building was being evacuated, electricity was cut, but the damage was already done.There was a short fuse and my house was on fire. The fire did some damage, and the rest was done by water. I lost almost everything. Now the renovation work is being done, and now I hope from here only good things will happen.”

Shilpa seems more rattled by her father’s demise. “My father passed away in front of my eyes. After that, everything seems too petty. I feel that these crises are leading me to something and is encouraging me to start from scratch all over again.”

Her optimism still intact, Shilpa informs that she has been Chitrashi’s guest since the fire. “I am staying in Malad at Chitrashi’s house till my house is ready to be lived again.

My friends have really helped me. This whole situation has helped me see the other side of the city and I can feel that I have some gain with this loss and the gain is much bigger. My friends have stood by me during these difficult time and everyone who came to know called me and offered me to stay with them.”

Shilpa remains positive about her career too. “I was always considered to be a part of parallel cinema and I am doing an extremely glamorous role this time. Now that I have seen the worst, I think the only way is upwards from here.” 

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