Down with chickenpox, boy collapses during exam

Feb 23, 2013, 07:25 IST | Richa Pinto

The 22-yr-old repeater couldn't finish the Hindi paper as he fell unconscious midway; undeterred he will attempt the English paper today

As HSC students across the state were trying to do their best in their Hindi examination yesterday, Govandi resident Ravi Sharma (22), who lives in Lalubhai compound with his parents and elder brother, had a different battle to fight.

Ravi Sharma fell unconscious while giving the Hindi exam yesterday

Sharma is suffering from a weak kidney and is undergoing regular dialysis since December. Adding to that, he fell ill with chickenpox a few days ago. The combination has left him weak and dizzy. Despite this, Sharma, who couldn’t clear the exam last year, as he did not do well in his English paper, was adamant to sit for his papers this year. He is giving his exams privately.

However, his chances of clearing the Hindi paper look bleak as he fell unconscious after answering only one question. Yesterday, his brother took him to his exam centre at Swami Muktananda High School, Subhash Nagar, Chembur, where the authorities made him sit in a separate classroom to write his paper. “I was feeling uneasy since the beginning but wanted to appear for the paper. As time passed, I started feeling itchy. I do not recollect falling unconscious,” said a disappointed Sharma who was hoping to do well in all his papers this year.

“We told him he could give the exams next year but he did not listen to us and forced me to take him to the exam centre,” said Manoj Sharma, elder brother and a pest control worker at Sewri. “Post noon, I got a call from the centre informing me about his bad health.” The centre authorities said that Sharma was in no state to take the exam. “He was writing his exams very slowly and suddenly fell from his seat. We called the board officials and a doctor as there was slight bleeding from his blisters,” said an official.

However, yesterday’s disappointment hasn’t bogged Sharma down who is looking forward to do well in today’s English exam. “I have studied well. I just have some grammar questions to finish,” he said. Swati Trimbekar, Sharma’s neighbour, said that the boy has been going to the hospital very often due to which he finds very little time to study.

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Today’s subject: English

Prabhu Kademani
Prabhu Kademani English professor, St Joseph’s school and Junior college, Kalamboli

>> While solving the comprehension questions, do not write answers directly from the passage. Instead make an attempt to read the passage and write the answers in your own words. The examiner wants to see how you have contributed towards your answer, rather than you answering the question verbatim from the passage. Follow this pattern while answering questions to both seen and unseen passages.

>> Students would have one question in their paper where they would have to prepare a tree diagram. Always make the tree diagram using a pencil. The branching should be made using neat lines. 

>> Students would have to write an essay for 7 marks. See to it that you make use of meaningful quotes and proverbs in your essay. 

>> While answering question 5-b in the question paper, students have to write a certain paragraph in the paper as if they are narrating it themselves. Be very clear while narrating the passage and avoid making any grammatical errors.

>> While answering the view-counterview question give references of anecdotes. It should come out evidently from your answers that you have done some kind of supplementary reading.

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