'I'm bored with my girl and my co-worker is hot'

Feb 15, 2017, 08:43 IST | Dr. Love

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I have been in a relationship with a girl for two years now, but I'm increasingly attracted to someone else who works in the same office as I do.  I know it's wrong, but I think I'm beginning to get bored of my current relationship. I would never look at someone else before, so this is worrying. I don't like spending much time with my girlfriend either, and I'm not sure why because we don't really have any problems. Should I end this relationship?

It's perfectly normal to get bored with someone after a while. Some people manage to do this for 40 years, while others feel claustrophobic within 40 days. The thing is, all relationships need to be worked at, in order to keep that romance alive. If the two of you are complacent about each other, it's inevitable for one of you to feel as if there's something missing. At that point, every pretty face becomes a distraction. Do keep in mind that not every pretty face is compatible with who you are as a person though. You got into a relationship with your girlfriend because the two of you saw something in each other that you both liked. Try and remember what that was, and recreate it. Also, do keep in mind that everything always looks more interesting when you're on the other side. Don't throw away something important just because you're bored.
Should I marry someone my parents have selected for me just because I haven't been able to find a boyfriend of my own?
To begin with, ask yourself if you want to marry at all. If you don't, you are perfectly within your rights to not do it. Adults are allowed to make up their own minds about who they want to marry, and when. I suggest you speak to your parents and start exercising that right. They won't be happy, but I hope they have your best interests at heart above everything else.

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