'My friends insist she isn't the right girl for me'

Oct 12, 2017, 07:30 IST | Dr Love

My friends think my girlfriend is wrong for me. How can I convince them that she is not?

My friends think my girlfriend is wrong for me. How can I convince them that she is not?
Why do you need to convince them? If you and your girlfriend are happy with each other, that is pretty much all that matters.

How do I convince my mother that I am not interested in marrying at this stage of my life? I am 33, and she thinks I have reached a point where no good girl will even consider me, but she refuses to understand that I am focused on my career at the moment. I want to marry, but not now. I don't need companionship, because I am working towards financial security instead. She is obsessed with my girlfriends, because she examines them all as potential daughters-in-law, which is very aggravating and annoys me to such an extent that I no longer invite any of my girlfriends home. My father passed away a decade ago, so my mother is more vulnerable than she would have been if he was around, but I can't seem to make her understand that this behaviour of hers is harming me. I am an only child and I don't want to hurt her, but this obsession of hers is beginning to take a toll on my health too. How do I cope?
This depends on the priorities you make for yourself, and the compromises you are willing to accept to put your mother's wishes before your own. If you understand the reasons for her insecurity on this issue, and believe you have no choice, think about whether or not you will regret yielding to her at some point in the future. Your mother has your best interests at heart, obviously, and simply needs to see things from your point of view. If you feel comfortable enough to talk about how you feel with a complete stranger, you should be as comfortable talking to her about why you don't see things in quite the same way she does.

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