'She loves me but her twin doesn't like me at all'

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My girlfriend and I have been in a relationship for a while but her twin sister does not like it. What should I do?

Dr LoveMy girlfriend and I have been in a relationship for a while but her twin sister does not like it. What should I do?
- Shreyash P
How does it matter? Chances are there will always be someone with a problem when two people decide to get into a relationship. Does her sister being her twin make it more difficult for you to handle? If your girlfriend is okay with this, why does it bother you? Speak to your girlfriend about it and find out why her sister is upset. If possible, have a chat with her sister too, to try and figure out what you can do to change her feelings towards you. If your girlfriend doesn't have a problem with this, I'm not sure why you should.

Dr Love

My boyfriend broke up with me after six months of us being together because I refused to have sex with him. He said it was unnatural and added that I would never be able to sustain a relationship because I was being a prude. I explained to him that I simply didn't want to jump into bed just because we were in a relationship but he said that wasn't normal behaviour. I feel nervous about what he said because I don't want to go through life single. I'm 25 years old and this worries me.
So, let me get this straight. Your boyfriend decided to speak on behalf of all men and declare that you would be single just because you refused to sleep with him? You're lucky he broke up with you. Chances are his dim-witted notions of what a relationship is all about will result in him being the single one. You're 25. You're in charge of your body. Who you decide to sleep with, and when, is entirely your call. Don't be afraid of what anyone says. Stick to what you feel is right for you. As for being single forever, I have always believed that if politicians in India can convince people to marry them, anyone on Earth can.

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