'He said he will block me if I send forwards to him'

Feb 18, 2017, 08:37 IST | Dr. Love

I forwarded a joke about something to my boyfriend on WhatsApp and he stopped speaking to me for two weeks...

I forwarded a joke about something to my boyfriend on WhatsApp and he stopped speaking to me for two weeks. Eventually, he told me that the joke was offensive and had upset him a lot. I told him that it wasn't my intention and that I had simply forwarded something that I found funny, but he has asked me not to send him any forwards from now on, and says he will block me on WhatsApp if I do. Isn't this childish behaviour?
Your boyfriend sounds like a majority of people in India these days. He should be told that, if he finds something offensive, he always has the option of not reading it, watching it or using it. He can also just ignore it. We are losing our ability to laugh at things, which is tragic in a country that already has so much sadness to deal with on a regular basis. Your boyfriend sounds like a jerk, to be honest. And you should always be with someone who makes you laugh, not with someone who has a problem with you laughing.

This isn't a question; it's more of an observation. I find that a number of young people these days are under a lot of pressure to get into relationships. I was too, because all my friends had boyfriends for years before I did. I want to tell young women that they should get into relationships only when they feel like it. There's more to life than a boyfriend. I had a great time in college, managed to make my mark in the corporate space very early, and had a lot of fun with family and friends even before my boyfriend came into my life. I wouldn't exchange those years for anything else. I think there's a time for everything and my life would have been unnecessarily complicated in those years if I had to deal with something as potentially messy as a relationship. What do you think?
I concur.

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