'What can I do to get my ex-wife and kid back?'

Feb 11, 2017, 09:25 IST | Dr. Love

My wife and I were married for six years, after which we got a divorce. We have a 2-year-old daughter...

My wife and I were married for six years, after which we got a divorce. We have a 2-year-old daughter. Since the divorce, I have only met my daughter once over the past year, because my wife left the house after the divorce. I still love my wife and daughter, but she refuses to see my face. My mother wants me to move on and marry someone else, but I want my wife and daughter back. I don’t know what to do. Should I move on or wait?
Rajesh K

If you were divorced after six years of marriage, I assume this was a well thought out decision. There was a child involved, so I assume you and your ex-wife considered that carefully before going ahead. If you want them both back now, I honestly don’t see how that can happen unless your ex-wife decides to put aside the decision of a court to grant you both a divorce and agree to accept you into her life again. I can’t comment on how often you see your daughter because, I assume, that must have been discussed by the court at the time of your divorce. If the rules of that divorce are being violated, you can always approach the court. This really boils down to how open your ex-wife is to trying this relationship once again. If she isn’t, there’s not much you can do about it because, as a single woman, it is entirely her prerogative. As for moving on, that, again, depends on how soon you can put your past aside. It’s not easy but, as always, time is a great healer.

I hate the colour red but my boyfriend loves it and asks me to wear it as often as possible. When I wear something else, it angers him. Is he being childish or am I overreacting? I find his behaviour strange considering he’s almost 25.
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