'Should I tell my friend that I have a crush on him?'

Jan 09, 2018, 06:29 IST | Dr Love

How do I let my friend know that I have a huge crush on him without it ruining our friendship?

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How do I let my friend know that I have a huge crush on him without it ruining our friendship?
If he's bright enough and you drop a few hints, you ought to be able to gauge how he will react to a more direct message. And if something so innocuous ruins your friendship, you should evaluate whether or not he really was a friend to begin with.

My girlfriend asked me to take some time off with friends because she thought it would be good for our relationship. I used this time to connect with people I hadn't spent time with in years, including a few female friends of mine who used to go to college with me. It was harmless fun and we went out to dinner a few times, after which a few photographs of us hanging out were posted on Facebook. My girlfriend responded to this by blocking me and informing all her friends that I had cheated on her. I don't know how to react to this because she didn't even give me a chance to explain, and simply ruined my reputation with all her friends because she was angry. I don't even want her back anymore.
I just want a chance to prove that I didn't do anything. Why not send her email or a message through a common friend, to let her know how you feel? If it comes down to your word against hers, I don't expect her friends to prefer your version. Why would they? All you can do, especially if you're sure you don't want her back, is put this behind you and allow them to think whatever it is they want to. Her friends aren't yours, and their opinion of you shouldn't matter if you haven't done anything wrong. You will look back upon this with amusement at some point in your future, so I suggest you simply let it go. Your reputation should matter only to people you choose to give importance to.

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