'We had an ugly break-up but I want her back'

Updated: 30 December, 2016 08:37 IST | Dr. Love |

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I was in a relationship with a girl for a little over 3 years. We considered ending it a number of times over small issues, but she would make amends and we would continue. Around 2 days ago, I got angry with her because of something her friend did. I used to help her financially and, in a fit of anger, asked her to return all my money. She ended the relationship, blocked me on WhatsApp and refused to speak to me. Please help me. I want her back.
— Aldren D
You sound as if the past 3 years weren't particularly happy ones for you or your ­­­girlfriend. You also believe you behaved badly. If both these things are true, you need to do a bit of soul-searching to try and figure out why you constantly feel the need to end this relationship, or save it if the possibility arises. As for her not wanting to speak to you, there's nothing much you can do about that at this point, unless you can reach out to her via a friend and let her know that what you said was in a fit of anger. Letting you back into her life is really her prerogative at this point.

What is the nicest way to tell someone you have feelings for them? I have been in love with a girl for two months now, but haven't had the nerve to go up to her and say something. Should I just send her flowers?
If you haven't spoken to her at all, I'm not sure how you can confidently talk about being in love. I suggest you take things a step at a time and ask her out for coffee first. Try and find out what she's like, and let her get to know you before you spring something like flowers on her. It's mildly creepy to receive gifts from a complete stranger in Bombay, despite how many times you may have watched Shah Rukh Khan do it in a movie.

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First Published: 30 December, 2016 07:05 IST

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