Drake reveals new tattoo

Aug 06, 2012, 09:41 IST | PTI

Rapper Drake revealed a second tattoo that he has had done in honour of the Grammy nominated artist, Aaliyah.

The 25-year-old has made no secret of his persistent respect for the late singer Aaliyah and his new ink, which sits on his rib cage, is also a homage to his home town area of Toronto, reported Daily Mail.

The tattoo shows a large 416, which is the area code of his home city, down his side but it is only partially shaded in so that the four also looks like a one. Aaliyah's birthday is on January 16th or 1-16, which the tattoo clearly shows.

It is the second permanent ink tribute that Drake has on his body after he had the singers face plastered on his back. "I just found comfort in all of Aaliyah's music and her melody choices and the things that she talks about and how she always conveyed these amazing emotions but never got too sappy," he said. The black and white photo came shortly after Drake announced that he is planning to release a posthumous album with Aaliyah. 

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