Drama in Mumbai court: Malad's slasher girl smashes her head

Jul 21, 2015, 07:21 IST | Shirish Vaktania

The 21-year-old girl was with two others when they allegedly assaulted a biker and she slashed his face with a cutter; she alleged that the victim molested her

The 21-year-old girl, who was with two others when they allegedly beat a biker and she slashed his face with a cutter in a road rage incident at Malad on July 14, said in a Borivli court yesterday that the victim, Irwin Cardozo (29), had molested her. There was a lot of drama in court when she smashed her head against the dock and injured herself.

According to a police official, the girl said in court that she was with a friend in a car, when it suddenly stopped due to some technical problem. Cardozo argued with them in the road and the girl alleged that she was molested by him.

When the judge gave her police custody, she became violent and dashed her head, which started bleeding, against the dock. Police said the girl’s mother who was in court, started yelling, saying her daughter had been molested and she would not have done something like this without reason. The girl was later taken to a hospital and received stitches for the injury.

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According to the complaint registered by the Malad police, on July 14, in the evening, the victim, Cardozo, was going to a gym on his bike when he saw the accused, the girl and her two friends in a car which they had parked in the middle of the road.

Cardozo argued with them, telling them to park in a corner of the road, to allow traffic, but the accused started arguing with him and assaulted him. The girl attacked him with a cutter more than two times. The three accused then fled from the spot.

Accused confessed
After this incident, the three accused had gone to Malad police station and met API Ramesh Waghmare. Police said they told him that they had an argument and they had attacked a youth with a cutter. The police officer allegedly told the accused to come back the next day and let them go.

After 24 hours of the incident, the Malad police registered the case. The API was suspended. Police said, “After this incident, the three accused had fled Mumbai. But they were trapped on Sunday at Malad station and were arrested by the Malad police.”

Senior Inspector
S Sandbhor of Malad police station said, “We are still not clear what exactly happened on the road, but we will investigate the matter from all angles. The accused are in custody and we will interrogate them. We assume that the girl is of a violent nature.”

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