Drawings of 2 stations unveiled for the 1st time

Apr 16, 2013, 06:44 IST | Shashank Rao

Day before Union Railway Minister visits city, Western Rly displays drawings of 2 stations on elevated rail corridor on day 1 of 58th Railway Week; state gives its feedback in writing after a year

For the first time since the Oval Maidan-Virar Elevated Rail Corridor was proposed, Western Railway (WR) officials displayed drawings of two stations on the line, on day one of the 58th Railway Week which commenced yesterday.

Railway station
An artist’s impression of the stations on the elevated corridor, displayed by WR officials at the 58th Railway Week

Railway station

For its part, the state government gave its feedback on the Rs 2,4000-crore project. The state’s response came just a day before Union Railway Minister P K Bansal’s scheduled visit to the city today, for inaugurating the Virar-Dahanu local services.

Elevated plans
The WR officials displayed drawings of two stations the elevated rail corridor would pass. Dadar and Matunga Road are two of the 26 railway stations that would be built on the 62-km-long elevated route.

Based on the drawings displayed, the stations would be built on pillars with a ground clearance of 15 metres. While white polycarbonate sheets would be used for roofs, the sides would sport hardened glass. The platforms would resemble boxlike structures on which the tracks would pass through the centre.

Officials claim that trains and tracks would be similar to the ones being used for Metro rail. Moreover, the existing local train stations at ground level will have a link to the platforms of the elevated railway stations. There would be staircases, and if possible, even escalators for going up and down in case people want to switch services.

A WR official said, “We are anticipating the stations will come up as per the design.” For nearly a year now, the state and the Indian Railways had been arguing over signing the State Support Agreement (SSA). But on April 15, a major development took place after the state gave its views in writing to the railways, which would now be studied by the railway officials.

A railway official said, “We would be analysing the views of the state government and changes wanted in the project before replying them.” Less than a week ago, cabinet ministers gave their approval after senior WR officials presented an update proposal in detail. WR officials also sought state’s help for the additional floor space index (FSI) of up to 5, shifting of underground utilities, land acquisition of around 13.11 hectares and rehabilitation of project-affected people.

Did you know?
Length of the elevated corridor: 62.2 km
No of railway stations: 26
Project cost: Rs 2,4000 cr 

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