Dress on the edge

Oct 01, 2013, 06:55 IST | Dhara Vora

For lovers of edgy fashion, new apparel and accessories brand, Koecsh, offers some interesting jewellery and goth-inspired clothes

She comes from a family that has been a known name in the luxury apparel industry in the city. But her first collection of accessories and apparel with its sprinkling of studs and metal is quite a contrast to what the Bespoke Tailoring Badasaab group has on offer.

Koecsh offers an edgy apparel and accessory line

“I studied fashion abroad for seven years and noticed that one doesn’t have many high fashion choices at affordable rates here. This led to the formation of Koëcsh for which I thought of creating really edgy stuff at affordable prices,” says 25-year-old Kresha Bajaj. The name of the brand, Bajaj tells us, is a play on her own name.

Go tough with this black and gold skull iPhone case

Bajaj’s online shopping portal boasts of a mix of jackets, capes, and dresses with a rebellious tinge to them -- all created by her. The young designer has also sourced accessories from all over the world and has a specially curated vintage section for jewellery.

Kresha Bajaj

The shoes section features Punk-inspired designs by Jeffrey Campbell; though are for someone with deep pockets. We loved the collars on offer that will work well to jazz up any boring outfit. We also liked the monochrome floral skirt with some flounce that can be worn in contrast to a leather-finish top for some girl power look. Still, there isn’t much on offer in the dresses section yet.

Lastly, the iPhone cases on offer are lucrative; especially the knuckduster case which is fixated in our minds, is top priority in our shopping list. How about you?

These boots are made for a lot more than walking. Get your Punk on with these spiked sneakers by Jeffrey Campbell. For: Rs 12,900 

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