Dress up for your Valentine

Feb 14, 2013, 09:48 IST | Swapnal Tilekar

On the occasion of Valentine's Day, The Guide decided to play style coach and asked designers for tips on how to dress up for your V-Day date

Valentine’s Day offers an opportunity to celebrate love and what better way than to dress up for this day. The GUIDE quizzed some designers on how people can look their best for this occasion.

Designer Priyanka Rajiv suggests that depending on the occasion people can opt for a short dress or a flowing gown. “A dress is something which always looks great on any girl. Red is the colour of the season, hence, you can opt for anything from passion pink, red or other deep colours from the same family. Also, coordinate your accessories with your dress. If you are wearing a bright outfit, go for a nude-coloured pair of footwear and vice versa. Currently, chunky accessories are trending and you can wear them according to your style quotient,” she says.

Dress up in pink for Valen-tine’s Day

For boys, designer Aniket Satam suggests staying away from the cliched dressing style. “Wear something that your girlfriend likes; perhaps in her favourite colour. Wear casuals or formals in such a way that your girlfriend would feel special. Guys can also go dressy once in a while. To beat the chill in the night, opt for a cardigan or a sleeveless sweater. Attention to detail should be given when accessories are considered. Neon is coming up as a big trend this season, but boys cannot really accessorise with it. So, a neon wristwatch or a bracelet will add to your style quotient while being trendy. For footwear, do not go for the regular colours like black; make some variations and flaunt your greens and reds.”

While there are several tips to follow, don’t forget the cardinal rule: Be yourself and stay confident. Many couples also prefer to coordinate their dresses for the special day. Designer Beena Goyanka gives tips on how to go about it. “Couples can colour coordinate their outfits or can do the same with accessories. If a girl is wearing a pink coloured brooch on her gown, her boyfriend can opt for a pink-coloured pocket handkerchief. They can also coordinate the waist belts and hair bands. Pink is the colour for the season but it doesn’t always look good on boys. So purple is something which is classy and suits males really well.” 

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