Dressed for college

Jun 06, 2014, 09:47 IST | Swapnal Tilekar

With colleges set to re-start soon, youngsters are putting their best feet forward and styling themselves. the guide offers tips on the latest trends to get the desired look

Joining college marks a new stage in life and students want to look their trendiest best. While some might wish to go on a shopping spree to dress up, others might opt for celeb hairstyles. But make-up and styling can be tricky as not everything that looks good on screen, on your favourite celebrity, will necessarily suit you too.

Revamp your wardrobe 

Manasee Dogra of Manasee Studio 101 salon admits that she gets many requests from college students these days. “Youngsters have always been fascinated by their favourite actors and actresses, from Bollywood and Hollywood and even by sport stars. We get requests for Kareena Kapoor’s flawless, red-lipped look or Deepika Padukone’s half-moon hairdo. The hairstyle that Deepika is flaunting at many award nights recently is a hot favourite. Girls are mainly opting for Alia Bhatt and Sonakshi Sinha’s look in their upcoming films.”

In terms of wardrobe, experts suggest students opt for clothes that are comfortable and stylish. There are economical options available as well.

Be your trendiest best for college

Apart from hairstyles and wardrobe, make-up artist Shilpa Patil, who has worked with models, admits to getting queries on enhancing the eyes and the lips. “Every second girl is asking to make either eyes or hair like Deepika.

Also, Hollywood celebrities who don nude make-up like Sandra Bullock, are a rage. It’s easy to give the clients haircuts like them but their make-up does not match up to the Indian skin tone which we, as experts, need to tell them. Sonam Kapoor’s nose ring in Cannes was also a big rage among college students.”

She adds that this year, Aishwarya Rai’s lip colour and Sonam’s hairstyle at awards functions has caught on with the city youth.

Opt for a hair cut 

Tips and tricks
>> It’s okay to get influenced by your favourite celebrity, but do not blindly copy them, since your face cut, features and complexion might not be the same.

>> Use good branded make-up products as it’s a must to get the look you are striving for.

>> Do not try to ape the red-carpet look of the celebrities. They do it for a reason, occasion and mostly for the cameras.

>> Instead of copying everything, opt for elements. Either do your eyes and hairstyle or lips and accessories.

>> Maintain your individuality. Focus on your own prominent features than trying to look like a celebrity. Feel confident about the way you look.

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