Driver's refusal to have sex with boss ends in suicide

Jan 29, 2013, 09:07 IST | Shiva Devnath

Vijay J Kolu, a driver, was being pushed to have sex with his male boss. When he refused and quit the job, his colleagues and boss made sure he couldn't get work anywhere else, driving him to commit suicide

Who knew that a simple refusal to have sex with his boss would make the life of city youth so miserable that he would be driven to commit suicide. One Vijay John Kolu committed suicide by hanging himself from the ceiling fan at his residence at Takkar Baba colony, Kurla (East).

Vijay John Kolu, Ashwin and Kelvin
Vijay John Kolu, Ashwin and Kelvin

Following an FIR that was registered almost 10 days later on January 24, the Nehru Nagar police arrested one Muneesh Vhougolran (30), a friend of the youth, on Friday, for abetment to suicide. Vijay used to work at an hotel in Andheri. He met one Kelvin Seow (36), a resident of Singapore, working in a Singapore-based firm at the hotel. Impressed by Vijay’s personality and communication skills, Kelvin offered Vijay the job of his driver with a good pay package in Delhi.

Accused Muneesh arrested by the Nehru Nagar police

Vijay jumped at the offer and shifted to Delhi in November. Muneesh, Vijay’s friend, was jobless at that time and so Vijay introduced Kelvin to Muneesh as well, who also got a job of a driver in the firm. According to police, in January, Kelvin was going to Delhi from Mumbai by car along with one Ashwin Noronha, Muneesh, and Vijay, who was driving the car. On the way, they decided to stay in a hotel for the night.

There, Kelvin, Muneesh and Ashwin drank wine. After they turned in for the night, Muneesh informed Vijay that Kelvin was gay and had forced Muneesh to have a sexual relationship with him. According to Muneesh, even Vijay had to have sex with Kelvin. Vijay refused to believe Muneesh.

However, it turned true when later Kelvin asked Vijay to have sex with him. When Vijay denied, Kelvin threatened him with expulsion from service if he did not do as told. Undeterred, Vijay stood firm on his stand and the next day they continued to Delhi. Vijay then informed his mother of the night’s happenings.

“Vijay told me that he was being tortured by his boss and other friends who were forcing him to have sex with them,” his mother Anadamma said. “He was crying over the phone. After he came back to Mumbai on January 10, I asked him to find a job somewhere else.” Vijay then quit the firm and went back to his old workplace in search of a job. However, they turned him down as Kelvin had already called them and badmouthed Vijay’s character. Depressed, Vijay committed suicide on January 13. 

Suicide note
He left a suicide note blaming the trio for the extreme step. He wrote, “My boss Kelvin used to force me to have sex, which I did not like at all.” He had also posted a comment in a social networking account that said, “a few friends of mine are not good and god give them good mind to understand life and live properly.”

“We have lost our son because of sexual harassment,” said A P John, father of Vijay, and a priest. “We want those people to be behind bars. He also wanted to be a priest and god will punish them. Muneesh and others used to harass Vijay and that’s why he killed himself.”

“Vijay hanged himself on January 13 and after verifying the letter, we registered an FIR against the trio on January 24. We have arrested one accused and hunt for the other two is on,” said Vilas Shelar, Assistant Police Inspector of Nehru Nagar police station. Muneesh has been remanded in police custody for three days. 

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