Mumbai: Druggie goes to file complaint, steals cop's shoes and leaves

Feb 11, 2016, 07:07 IST | Sagar Rajput

A vagrant who went to the Kurla police station to file an assault complaint ended up stealing the assistant police inspector's sports shoes, which were kept under a cupboard, on his way out 

A vagrant who went to the Kurla police station to file an assault complaint ended up stealing the assistant police inspector sports shoes on his way out. In their pursuit of the shoe thief, the police learnt the man is a drug addict and that he attacked a BMC employee for money. The cops later found the man had sold the pair Rs 300 and have arrested the man for attempt to murder.

Shyam Rokde
Shyam Rokde

On January 31, Shyam Rokde (34) went to the police station to lodge a complaint about some locals who had assaulted him. After he left, Assistant Police Inspector Sunil Lomte realised his sports shoes were missing.

“The API had come to the police station in his civilian clothes, so after he changed into his uniform, he kept his sports shoes under a cupboard outside his cabin on the first floor. The accused, Rokde, had come to meet him to complain against some locals who assaulted him. When he saw a pair of shoes lying below the cupboard, Rokde picked it up without thinking twice, and left,” said an officer from Kurla police station.

The officer added, “At 8 pm, when the officer was changing back into his clothes, he noticed his shoes were missing. In order to locate them, API Lomte scanned the day’s CCTV footage and noticed that Rokde had stolen his shoes.”

The following day, the API sent some constables to locate Rokde, they learnt that he had just then attacked a BMC employee, identified as Mahesh Palve, with a blade when his demands for money were refused. Palve received 21 stitches after he was slashed with the blade.

API Lomte confirmed the news and said, “The case was also marked to me, so I had to look for him. We formed a team to find him and located him in Buddha Colony in Kurla. The accused had asked the BMC employee for money but when he refused, the accused attacked him with a blade.”

The cops learnt that Rokde had already sold Lomte’s shoes for R300 to someone in Mulund. They booked him under Sections 307 (attempt to murder) and 504 (intentional insult with intent to provoke breach of the peace) of the IPC. He was produced in Kurla court and remanded to judicial custody.

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