Drunk captain of PIA flight arrested at British airport

Sep 19, 2013, 22:15 IST | PTI

A pilot of Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) was arrested in Britain for being drunk while in charge of a plane.

Pilot Irfan Faiz was the captain of the PIA flight from Leeds-Bradford to Islamabad yesterday. He was arrested from the cockpit by security personnel at the airport serving the cities of Leeds and Bradford on suspicion of being drunk. 

West Yorkshire Police are investigating the case, officials who did not want to be named told PTI.

The PIA management immediately suspended 54-year-old Faiz for "violation of rules leading towards becoming unfit for flying".

PIA spokesman Mashhood Tajwar said due to the lack of any alternate captain, the passengers of the flight had to make a night stop at Leeds.

"Later, the flight departed with a delay of 15 hours. The pilot is still in the custody of British police for further investigation," Tajwar said.

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