Drunk lecturer forces students to sit for 23-hour exam!

Jul 06, 2012, 10:08 IST | ANI

A drunk Russian lecturer forced her students to sit for a 23-hour exam and didn''t even allow them out for toilet breaks

Lecturer Landysh Zaripova, however, frequently left the room and students claimed that it was to top up her drink.

Students said that Physics lecturer Zaripova “stank of alcohol.”

Hatke news, Drunk lecturer forces students to sit for 23-hour exam

“Towards the end, everyone was just sitting there, totally exhausted,” a newspaper quoted one student as saying.

“The lecturer would go into another room, drink, come back and start telling us about her business,” the student said.

The exam started at 10am on June 26 and went on overnight finishing at 9am the following morning.

The incident took place in the Russian province of Tatarstan at Kazan State University in the province’s capital.

“Do you think I am stupid enough to come to class drunk?” she told Russian newspaper L!fe News.

Zaripova claimed that she was sober and that the students decided to take revenge on her for failing them.

The students had written a letter to the University management asking to suspend the lecturer.

In the letter they wrote that “drunk” lecturer had refused to allow them to leave the exam room even for toilet breaks, and spent the exam belittling them.

The head of the University''s Physics Department, Albert Aganov, denied that the lecturer had been under the influence of alcohol.

“I would have fired her immediately, if I had seen her drunk,” Aganov said.

He added that even if the allegations were found to be true it would not lead to firing of Zaripova as she is on a 5 year contract which cannot be broken.

Long exams are not unusual in Russian universities.

All exams are oral and not written and it is up to the lecturer to judge whether a student has passed or failed.

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