Drunken couple speed, hurl abuses at police

Feb 16, 2013, 06:57 IST | Shiva Devnath

Hearing a woman screaming inside a speeding Maruti, the police tried to get the two to pull over, but they accelerated and fled; upon their arrest, the 24-year-old man shouted obscenities at the police, threatening to use his contacts to get back at them

An inebriated couple that went on overdrive for their Valentine’s Day celebrations on Thursday are now behind bars. Jogeshwari police have arrested 24-year-old Mark Samuel - assistant director for the 2012 Bollywood sequel Dabangg 2 - and his partner, 23-year-old Vidushi Sood for rash and drink driving.

Threatening to use his celebrity contacts to wreak vengeance on the police, Samuel shouted at the police and said he could easily ‘buy’ them

Tests revealed that they were both inebriated when they were caught speeding on the highway. After ending their Valentine’s Day celebrations on a high note at a Bandra restaurant, the two were speeding on the Western Express Highway on their way back to Patliputra in Oshiwara.

Cops who witnessed the Maruti speed past also heard a woman’s wails emerging from it. Suspecting that the car held a kidnapped victim who was being assaulted, the police started following the Maruti car. They tried to get the car to pull over, but it accelerated and kept speeding.

The police finally informed the control room and passed on the details of the car, including the licence plate number. The Oshiwara police finally apprehended the car at Behram Baug around 3 am, and handed the couple over to Jogeshwari police, who detained them. Routine tests showed excessive presence of alcohol in their blood.

When the police asked Samuel why he had disregarded their instructions to pull over, he started bellowing at them, bragging about his ‘celebrity status’. According to cops, he said, “I’m the assistant director for Dabangg 2 and I have contacts with many big personalities. You don’t know who you caught, and if you don’t leave me immediately, you will face the consequences.” He allegedly added, “I can buy a cop like you at a moment’s notice. Why were you following us?” Needless to say, his insults did not go down well with the police. 

The duo was booked for driving under the influence under sections 185 and 184 of the Motor Vehicles Act, Section 279 of the IPC for rash driving, Section 177 for furnishing false information, Section 353 for assault or criminal force to deter public servant from discharge of his duty, and Section 34 for acts done by several persons in furtherance of common intention. They were produced at a local court and have been remanded in police custody till February 21.

Vitthal Damgude, senior inspector of Jogeshwari police station, said, “A speeding Maruti car passed and our alert cop heard loud screams from a girl. We tried to stop the car but they fled. We informed the control room and the car was traced near Behram Baug in Jogeshwari (West). Such drunk driving has to stop, as we want to guarantee 100 per cent protection to women.” Samuel had assisted Arbaaz Khan in the direction of 2012 Salman Khan-starrer Dabangg 2. 

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