Dry fruit prices to make you go nuts

Oct 04, 2013, 23:46 IST | Richa Pinto

Cost of almonds has increased from Rs 480 to Rs 600 a kilo, while the cost of cashews has increased from Rs 520 to Rs 600; traders anticipate the prices will skyrocket further as the festivals draw closer

Want to gift your friends and family a box of dry fruits this festive season? Be prepared to splurge, as the prices of dry fruits have increased substantially from last year.

Festival Dampener: Traders say that the cost of dry fruits has increased and they are anticipating a further increase eight or 10 days before the festivals begin. Pics/Bipin Kokate

And if one thought that the present prices were nutty, then think again. Traders are anticipating that prices will skyrocket even further as the festivals draw closer.

Ram Morde, a trader from Crawford market, said prices of dry fruits had certainly shot up. However, they had not yet been hit with the price hike.

“We will only be able to tell if the demand has reduced and about the prices around eight days before the festival,” he said.

Tejas Shah, a trader from the APMC market, said that the demand for dry fruits hadn’t reduced but owing to the increasing prices, the amount of dry fruits in a box had reduced a bit.

“The price of almonds has increased significantly this year. From last year’s Rs 480 a kilo, this year, it has shot up to Rs 620,” said Shah, adding that prices of the imported variety would increase even further.

Similarly, prices of cashews have increased from Rs 520 to 600 this year, and the cost of raisins has increased from Rs 180 to 200.

A small box of mixed dry fruits cost Rs 350 approximately compared to last year when it cost Rs 250.

Navi Mumbai resident Kanchan Todi said that she would purchase a box of dry fruits, a few days ahead of the festivities.

“Dry fruits can be given as a gift to people of all age groups. Besides, the advantage is that these items are considered healthy as well. Therefore we purchase a lot of the mixed dry fruit boxes,” said Todi. 

Rs 350
Approximate cost of a small box of dry fruits this year

Hot favourite
According to traders, flavoured cashews are hot selling items as they make the gift box look very attractive. These cashews come in various flavours -- hocolate, masala, pineapple and orange

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