DSO gears up to crack down on black-marketing of essential goods

Jul 14, 2014, 09:16 IST | Priyankka Deshpande

With recent incidents coming to light, the DSO is forming teams at the taluka level to curb illegal storage and sale of essential commodities such as food grains and gas cylinders

Among other cases of essential commodities being illegally stored and sold, the most recent was Thursday’s seizure of 29 gas cylinders being carried for illegal sale in Wagholi. 

A complaint was registered against the accused, Sudam and Vatsala Satav.

In yet another case last week, the District Supply Office (DSO) seized illegally-held soyabean worth R40 lakh in Junnar Taluka.

Gas what: The DSO will collaborate with gas companies to come down hard on those selling gas cylinders illegally

Taking note of such incidents, the DSO has now decided to take stringent action to curb the rampant black-marketing of essential commodities in the district.

District Supply Officer Jyoti Kadam said that such action is now the department’s top priority, in order to control the increasing inflation.

“We have been receiving the complaints from citizens that they were not getting gas cylinders on time. Moreover, they complained about getting gas cylinders at a higher price than the rate decided by the state government,” said Kadam.

“To deal with such cases more efficiently, we, in association with various oil gas companies, will form teams of volunteers who will raid illegal holdings of gas cylinders. Teams have already been formed in each of the
13 talukas to deal with the illegal stock and sale of food grains in the district,” informed Kadam.

The District Supply Office will also make efforts to check godowns – one in each taluka – for the black marketing of essential commodities.

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