Dual purpose

May 01, 2012, 07:01 IST | The Guide Team

Pakistani artist Rashid Rana's works displayed at the exhibition Apposite/Opposite uses multiple visuals from diverse sources to present complex views in mosaic-like settings that give an appearance of duality. The GUIDE gives you a glimpse into some of his best works

Everything and Nothing
This work is about the abundance of knowledge present in the form of images and words. Thousands of European paintings from 16th to 19th century formulate a large image of two identical looking bookshelves. The images here are not really identical since one is a sharp image and the other appears blurred. The blurred view of the bookshelf is made of sharp images of the European paintings and the sharp image of the bookshelf is made with blurred pictures of the paintings. This triggers a constant experience of registering something and its absence. It also highlights the limitation of translation of verbal and visual languages.

What lies between flesh and blood 3
This work may look like a normal chromatic chart, but it includes familiar pictorial items that have been turned into an unexpected experience. The artist has infused images with details of wounds, skin and blood making it a complex picture, made of the ordinary and the extraordinary.

Language V
This artwork is part of the Language Series, which breaks up into photographic images of text, which are part of public texts from Lahore’s streets. In this image, the viewer has small entry points into the iconic works of Western art history. The way in which the material is simultaneously revealed and hidden suggests acts of both honouring and defilement.

Till May 26; At Chemould Prescott Road, Queen’s Mansion, Fort.
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