Duggu can't eye any other woman, says sis Sunaina

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Sis Sunaina says men (her brother?) might get flirty, but insists that bhabhi Sussanne is the only one for him

Hrithik Roshan's sister Sunaina in an interview in the latest issue of Savvy has spoken about her family, her broken marriage to Ashish Soni and her daughter Suranika. She also talks about her battle with cancer, her engagement to Nick Uday Singh, Barbara Mori and the buzz about her brother and the Mexican actress. Excerpts...

Growing years: Duggu would be sent to the disco with me! And believe me, he was torture! Though he looks so cute and gentle, he was the biggest bully in my life. At will, he used this one liner: "If you don't do this for me, I am going to tell mom / dad." If we went out, we always had to return by 12 midnight. In a way, it was funny because just when the party was hotting up, we would have to leave! In our childhood, he was very thin, we used to fight all the time and he'd break my specs every week! But once he grew up and got involved with Sussanne, he became shy.

On ex-husband Ashish Soni: Just before joining finishing school in Switzerland, I met Ashish Soni. He was besotted with me and insisted  I come back. I told dad that I wanted to come back, he agreed, and then I went around with Ashish for eight months. When he proposed, I said yes! The first year of our marriage was very good. But my in-laws were very interfering and Ashish was always listening to his mother. By nature, I cannot be a hypocrite, I like being honest.... Despite my pleas though Ashish used to care for me earlier slowly that love started dying. I slipped into depression and binged, putting on weight. When Duggu's film Kaho Naa Pyaar Hai was a massive hit, Ashish tried calling him and he didn't answer. I was at the hospital and returned three days later as dad underwent bypass surgery. On my return, Ashish slapped me hard and screamed, "Your brother thinks he's too big now and hasn't even returned my call!" I returned to the hospital the next day with a lot of facial make-up, so my parents wouldn't notice the marks of his slap…   I tried my best to save my marriage but it was going from worse to hell! We divorced by mutual consent. I only wanted the custody of my daughter, which I got. 

On daughter Suranika: Earlier this year, Suranika decided that she wanted to live with her dad in his home. My mom took it very badly. But I didn't want to be selfish and stop her from going. I accepted it as it was what she wanted. Now that she's with her dad, we bond better. She's coping with her studies better too. Suranika used to bully everyone at our home, but she cannot bully her dad. He's strict with her. I tried to be friendly with Shonali, my ex-husband's current wife because of my daughter, but she didn't quite reciprocate. I've no issues with that.

On her broken engagement to Nick Uday Singh: A family friend called and suggested that I meet Nick Uday Singh, a Punjabi guy from a well-to-do family in the States. We met up in London where I shared a hotel room with my mom, while he shared a room with his brother's wife. I found this odd and during the course of our conversation, he mentioned that all his relatives thought that he was having an affair with his brother's wife! Dad suggested we go and meet up with his folks in Detroit. After a few months, my entire family travelled to the US and we got engaged. On returning, my dad got a call from his very close friend saying that Nick was having an affair with his brother's wife. I broke off the engagement.
Battling the Big C: Just as I thought things were settling down, I was diagnosed with cervical cancer. I took it in my stride and refused to let it bog me down. Believe me, the cancer didn't scare me as much as losing my hair did! I had to go in for chemotherapy and they started chopping my thick, long, shiny hair. I was traumatised. But I was very brave throughout my cancer.

Being party hearty: Before cancer, I used to party real hard. In retrospect, I think I was partying because I was lonely. But today I am put off by the party circuit. I detest the superficiality. The so-called socialites and how they are only interested in which brand you are wearing, your shoes, bags and diamonds! There was so much of backbiting and backstabbing too.

On Barbara Mori: The Barbara Mori episode was totally blown out of proportion. Barbara is a sweet, down-to-earth girl. I can really relate to her and am in touch with her. Even her family is so sweet. I want to tell the world that Duggu and Sussanne are an ideal couple. They are so madly in love. I know many girls would go to any extent to grab his attention. Men may get flirty, even women flirt. But Duggu just cannot eye any other woman. Sussanne is the only woman for him. I can vouch for this.

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