Duo steals jewellery as bride, groom pose for pictures at Thane wedding

Jan 24, 2015, 12:30 IST | Vinay Dalvi

A man accompanied by a girl attended a wedding ceremony at an Ulhasnagar hotel and fled with a bag of jewellery worth over Rs 4 lakh, while the newly weds’ photos were being taken

The Ulhasnagar Police are looking for a 10 to 12 year old girl and a man between age 20 and 30 for stealing jewellery after a wedding ceremony at a hotel. The police said both the man and the girl were dressed well and attended the ceremony, sitting with guests.

Ulhasnagar wedding robbery
The girl and the man who allegedly stole the jewellery

They were seen roaming in the hall for sometime and after the wedding ceremony on Wednesday, the groom realised that his jewellery worth over R4 lakh was missing. Police say the bride and groom were in the photo session when the jewellery was stolen.

(Above and below) CCTV grabs from the video
(Above and below) CCTV grabs from the video

(Above and below) CCTV grabs from the video

“They had kept an eye on the jewellery of the groom and bride. As the wedding ceremony which was being held at Mayur Hotel, Ulhasnagar 3 was about to get over around 3 pm, the groom removed his jewellery and kept it in a bag near him. The accused fled with the bag that had his jewellery, some of the bride’s and three gold coins, worth more than Rs 4 lakh,” said M M Jadhav, assistant police inspector of Central police station of Ulhasnagar.

The Central police have registered a theft case against the accused and have taken the CCTV footage from Mayur hotel, with which they are trying to trace them. “The two acted in such a manner that nobody could suspect them. As there was a small girl with the man we never looked at him twice. The two stole the jewellery around 3 pm when everybody was tired as the wedding ceremony was about to get over,” said a relative of the groom.

Police said when the groom and bride were busy with the photo session the accused fled with the bag. The police have started looking for all criminals on record for stealing in wedding halls. They say mostly kids are used in such crimes.

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