Dusting off boredom

Mar 13, 2013, 00:05 IST | Special Features

I love spending time doing up my home. I am a homebody and decorating my place gives me immense pleasure.

Dusting and cleaning to me is the greatest stress buster and it helps me relax very well. I also love listening to music on radio or from my favourite CDs while doing the cleaning. That's the perfect way to unwind for me.

Rashmi Desai-Sandhu
Rashmi Desai-Sandhu, TV actor

I don't know how to cook well, but I love to watch cookery shows. I also take down recipes from my mom and try out various dishes for my husband on my off days.

Other than this, my other past-time is my work and I feel lucky to have found my hobby in my profession. So, I have never felt tired or bored of my professional life. 

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