Dutch football club offers 'bikini' car wash as 'Man of the Match' reward

Aug 09, 2013, 20:54 IST | Agencies

To motivate their players, Holland's NEC Nijmegen football club is offering a special free car wash service by bikini-clad women to the 'man-of-the-match'.

A Dutch football club is reportedly offering their players a free car-wash service by bikini-clad women if any of them get a ‘Man of the Match’ award. 

According to the Daily Star, NEC Nijmegen’s unusual motivation method was revealed by Icelandic midfielder Victor Palsson, who had his car scrubbed by three scantily-clad women, following his performance in a recent friendly against Spanish side Osasuna.

Quipping that his car has never been cleaner after the scrubbing, Palsson tweeted his thanks to the club.

Palsson's car being washed by bikini-clad women
Viktor Palsson's car being washed by bikini-clad women. Pic courtesy Victor Palsson’s twitter account

“Thanks @NEC_Nijmegen for this MOTM prize after the game vs. Osasuna. The car has never been cleaner,” Palsson tweeted.

One of the 22-year-old footballers’ followers joked that the prize ''beats a bottle of champagne any day''. 

Palsson, a former Liverpool youth player, was the first winner of the unusual prize, the report added. 

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