E-Sense Motion Pictures gets Mushtaq Shiekh to write for their movies

Jun 14, 2013, 08:41 IST | The Hitlist Team

Designer Rocky S and businessman Nikhil Oza have ventured into producing movies together

Mushtaq Shiekh will pen the scripts. Rocky is one of the most celebrated designers in Bollywood and has styled many celebrities for movies for two decades.

Mushtaq Shiekh and Nikhil Oza
Mushtaq Shiekh and Nikhil Oza

Rocky is candid when he says, “Being a Marwari, the business angle of the trade was always in his blood and that it was a matter of time when such an amalgamation of art and business would take shape.

Over the years, having worked with almost all the directors and producers for around 300 movies as a stylist, I had the insider’s view of how an entire movie is made or managed, be it budgeting or about getting the right talent. Putting a project together is like getting your own baby to be born -- the energy, the talent and more go on to create a magical end-product towards which each unit-member looks forward to.

At the moment we are working towards two big and two small budget films, with one of them to be released by the end of next year. With a proven talent like Mushtaq joining us for our upcoming projects, it’s like the homecoming of an old friend who am so comfortable working with over the years.”

Mushtaq Shiekh talks about the association, “I have known Rocky for more than a decade now. I always believe that great work can happen when you work with like-minded souls. Rocky is a creative person who understands the medium of films and entertainment. So when he approached me to write for E-sense Motion Pictures I agreed immediately. Work is going on in great pace. I just hope we come out with work that meets with great success and acceptance.”

Nikhil Oza sums-up, “E-Sense Motion Pictures would bring in the best of Bollywood movies, with the most apt talent of actors, directors, scriptwriters, technicians and other such facets attached to it. This company has been associated with a lot of movie projects in the past as well and we look forward to a great future.” 

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