E-shops for the elderly

Aug 06, 2014, 07:25 IST | Sapna Sarfare

While e-shopping has been catching up among youngsters, senior citizens are not far behind with several dedicated websites offering everything they need from health accessories to financial services among others. the guide lists three popular services to help out the elderly

This Mumbai-based e-commerce site has a pan-India presence and has been acquiring a fan base since it started six months ago. Seniorshelf.com offers a host of online and offline items ranging from arthtritis products, mobility aids to safety products and even retirement homes.

Senior citizens can now buy a variety of products and services like health care at home, online
Senior citizens can now buy a variety of products and services like health care at home, online

The website is easy to use with products categorised into sections like Daily Living Needs which has bathroom, easy living accesories, senior home products, bedroom accessories and walker and walking sticks. Then there are hearing aids, different varieties of wheelchairs.


The website also offers assistance in taking care of all pharmacy needs, offering health care insurance, home health care and bill payments services etc. They also have a special travel section where they help one connect with travel agencies.
Log on to: www.seniorshelf.com

A website dedicated to meet all health-related needs, Healthgenie.com offers healthcare services across all age groups.


For the elderly, they have a special section offering all kinds of products and services customised for the elderly, right from adult diapers to mattresses, daily living aids to special health care and mobility support, the site has made sure it allows you to shop right for your special ones. Even in the other sections, there is a list of items, which might aid the elderly in living a safe and healthy life.
Log on to: www.healthgenie.in/elderly-care

If your parents live away from you in any of the four states in South India — Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka, you will be glad to know that you can still take care of their daily needs away from home. Oldisgoldstore.com is a Chennai-based online store that started with an aim to serve the elderly.


From the usual mobility aid, which includes wheelchairs, walking sticks, crutches and scooters to incontinence products, apparels, food suplements, furniture, gift ideas to support for certain old-age health issues, the list of services is huge. A special section on the website offers a guide on how to build home for seniors, events and safety measures as well as product reviews.
Log on to: www.oldisgoldstore.com

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