Easel of hope and courage

Feb 19, 2014, 09:33 IST | Kanika Sharma

Rumi Ray, a much-appreciated artist is showcasing her exhibition, Valentine Colours in Mumbai in order to raise funds for her consistent dialysis

Rich, fluid and vibrant is how artist Rumi Ray imagines life to be. Despite her kidney ailment, Ray hardly sees life in bleak light. Striving for a better tomorrow, she is ready to showcase her latest exhibition, Valentine Colours. A reputed artist, the 54-year-old Ray has imagined an array of canvases in luscious reds, bright pinks and electric blues.

“Most of my paintings depict nature. I have been working on these works since 2009-10 as I was located by the river Beas, surrounded by beautiful Himalayas. After that I was in Goa where I explored the river valleys,” informs Ray.

Rumi Ray’s artwork 

Lauded by veterans of the art world such as MF Husain, Manjit Bawa and Anjoli Ela Menon, Ray has been expressing herself through paint since 1998.

“I mostly do oil and water colours but since I have been diagnosed with severe kidney ailment, I am constantly on dialysis. This has led me to a financial crunch. I am not able to afford canvases and do oil paintings that I greatly love,” articulates the artist while her voice cracks on the admittance of her penury.

A former journalist, Ray’s works have gone on to find collectors in places such as the Prime Minister’s residence, Air India, American Embassy, National Centre for the Performing Arts and several more. Her dogged attitude has hardly ever given her second thoughts on art. The only time she stopped painting is, “when my brother passed away in August 2012. After a six month-break, I resumed and cannot think of stopping,” she maintains. Ray is currently on an all-India tour to showcase her exhibitions that started from Goa and from Mumbai will be travelling to Kolkata in April in order to raise funds to support herself as an artist.

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