Eastern promises at Westin

Oct 17, 2011, 08:37 IST | The Guide Team

There's more to the Eest than good food. Go try

There's more to the Eest than good food. Go try

It was one of those evenings. We had lovely company and we were looking for a place with great food, good ambience and some quiet. She said she just wanted some quality time. We decided to try out the Eest at the Westin in Gurgaon.

Now, we have friends who had been here before and had only good words to say. "These guys know how to do their Pan Asian." "Check out their decor." "Their menu is so exhaustive that you would need many a visit to gauge their range."

But all she wanted was an evening worth remembering. We would have gone to any length to make that happen. Fortunately, we had chosen just the right venue. At the restaurant, we stood for a while to admire the minimalist decor. Very Japanese we thought. Very soothing and very appropriate for the evening.  

Eest is a fine dining
authentic Asian restaurant, we had been told, with some of the finest Asian cuisine, an enticing beverage menu, an intimate ambience (we instantly agreed) and attentive yet discreet service (Sandra from China made sure we had the most lovely time). This must be that one place where the promises in the brochure match up to the real experiences.

We ordered Sake with some La zi ji (that's spicy chicken with dry chili) along with Shui jing xia jiao (crispy shrimp dumpling). Then came the sushi platter and my all-time favourite Tom Yam Goong soup (we had
discovered it in the street food joints in Pattaya and order it everywhere I find it since!). Have to admit the soup was so authentic that we were reminded of our time in Thailand.

The steamed cod fillet, the beef tenderloin bulgogi made up the mains. That's way too much food for two. But we had the evening to ourselves. Whispering sweet nothings while having the most delectable food. The ending was as sweet with the mango pudding. "Lovely," she whispered and summed it up.

Food: tasty
Service: attentive
Ambience: nice
At: The Westin Gurgaon, MG Road, Gurgaon
Timings: 12 to 3pm, 7 to 12am
Call: 0124- 4977777
Meal for two: Rs 2,500 + taxes

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