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Jun 28, 2013, 00:51 IST | The Guide Team

Now, not just buy clothes, accessories or home d �cor online, but experiences too. Accessed, a new e-service provider makes available unique experiences in the city that can be purchased online

Accessed is a website that aims to provide Mumbaikars with access to the best of what the city has to offer. A departure from existing deal sites that focus primarily on discounts, Accessed aims on creating experiences that are one-of-a-kind, giving members the best value without compromising on

One can choose for gyms near their area, from a list of good gyms

On offer
The site has three primary platforms -- the first one offers access to the city’s best restaurants, clubs, bars, spas and gyms. The second features unique events created by Accessed. The third platform is still in ideation stage and once active, will give members the opportunity to interact with noteworthy personalities.

So, from transforming your body with Pilates to getting a swimsuit customised, or better make sangrias, get a lesson in tapas and learn how to salsa over brunch with the girls -- the options on offer are numerable.

How it works?
An experience in offer will be featured for a limited time --  a countdown to when it expires, will be displayed on the page. In certain cases, the number of vouchers available will be limited, so the offering might sell out before it expires. Tickets for events will be featured on the website up until the event is sold out.

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