Easy win for Kamal Chawla

Jun 19, 2012, 11:14 IST | IANS

World No 3 Kamal Chawla constructed a brilliant break of 122 en route to a 3-1 win over Rupesh Shah in a Group C match of the Kences Constructions-ASCA International snooker tournament here yesterday

The century break included 13 reds with nine blacks, three blues and a brown followed by yellow-to-black clearance in the crucial fourth frame. Shah, however, won his match against R Loganathan 3-2 after trailing 1-2 to remain in contention for the knockout phase while National champion Aditya Mehta brushed aside Varun Kumar 3-1 in a Group A tie.

Results: Group A: Aditya Mehta bt J Varun Kumar 3-1; Lucky Vatnani bt Divya Sharma 3-1. Group B: Laxman Rawat bt Siddharth Parikh 3-0. Group C: Kamal Chawla bt Rupesh Shah 3-1; R Loganathan bt Susantha Boteju (Sri Lanka) 3-1; Rupesh Shah bt Loganathan 3-2. Group D: Himanshu Jain bt Shivam Arora 3-0; Manish Jain bt Arora 3-0. Group E: Brijesh Damani bt Neeraj Kumar 3-0. Group G: Sourav Kothari bt Peter Paul 3-1; Kothari bt IH Manudev 3-1. Group H: Shabaaz Khan (India) bt R Girish (India) 3-1 (53-11, 48-59, 70-0, 76 (55)-1)

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