Eatery located in South Mumbai residential compound catches fire

May 14, 2013, 20:47 IST | Neha Tripathi

The tandoor chimney of Lime and Spice hotel in Bhendi Bazaar caught fire today afternoon. No one was injured in the mishap.

The ‘tandoor chimney’ of Lime and Spice hotel in Bhendi Bazaar was in flames today afternoon, causing great inconvenience to the residents of Haroon Manzil, where the eatery is located.

Most people, including a pregnant woman, were finding it difficult to breathe as smoke was engulfing their homes.

The residents are annoyed with the owner of the hotel as he has illegally extended it into the building compound, encroaching the passage connecting wings A and B. 

The hotel is said to have 20 commercial gas chambers. After the fire broke out, residents were finding it difficult to use the main entrance of the compound, given the smoke and the other could not be used as it was shut.  Fire tenders were rushed to the spot.

The building consists of 112 flats and around 200 to 300 people were stuck in the building when the mishap occurred.

Senior citizens and women were rescued on priority. The window of a flat on the fourth floor of one building, which was connected to the terrace of the other building, was used for rescue operations.

“The opening was narrow for any woman, specially for someone who is 8-months-pregnant. She is my daughter and they have taken her to the hospital for check-up as she had fainted. We all left our homes unlocked and ran towards the window to escape as soon as possible”, said the pregnant woman's mother.

Children and women of the building were shifted to a safe place and electricity supply was cut off. Police refused to comment on the incident.

Mohammed Hussain Ghulam Ali, owner of Lime and Spice Hotel, said, “We realized about the fire in the chimney when we heard noises of the residents of the building who had gathered in front of my hotel. I called up many higher police officials, but no one came to help. Instead, they were silent spectators. However, my priority at that time was to control the fire and not argue with residents.”

There have been no injuries in the fire, however, the hotel suffered a huge damage. According to sources, the kitchen of the eatery was completely gutted. 

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