Ebola scare: Suspected case in Vasai proves to be false alarm

Aug 11, 2014, 15:40 IST | Agencies

A resident of Vasai in Maharashtra's Palghar district, who was being treated for suspected symptoms of Ebola has been discharged from hospital as doctors confirmed that it was a false alarm, and not a ebola case

Mumbai: Lalit Kumar Ahir, a resident of Vasai, in Maharashtra's Palghar district, who was admitted in a civic-run hospital for suspected ebola has been discharged as doctors confirmed that it was a false alarm.

Ahir, an IT professional, who recently arrived here from Lagos in Nigeria, was suffering from diarrhoea and had bouts of vomiting, panicked and got  in touch with the health department. Ahir was admitted in an isolated ward of a government hospital in Vasai.

The dcotors at the hospital screened him thoroughly and confirmed that the patient showed no symptoms of contracting the deadly virus.

Dr Rani Badlani who conducted the screening test said, "We did not take any blood samples  from the patient since he did not display any Ebola symptoms and was declared healthy. However, the patient has been asked to stay at home for the next seven days."

The World Health Organisation had last week issued a global health emergency due to Ebola virus disease (EVD) outbreak. WHO declared the current EVD outbreak as the "most complex outbreak leading to public health emergency," calling for global health alert in all countries.

The four countries affected with EVD are all in western Africa Guinea (393 deaths), Sierra Leone (286 deaths), Liberia (282 deaths) and Nigeria (1 death).

(With inputs from Dimple Bhavsar)

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