Eco-friendly retail therapy

Apr 29, 2013, 01:15 IST | The Guide Team

No use being an ostrich and burying our heads every time some one announces the Doom's day. Just log onto and start saving the earth, one click at a time

Old habits die hard, they say. But, it’s all about how you inculcate the new ones! Every time we walk into a supermarket, teeming quantities of the new shampoo, lipstick, T-shirt lure us into their trap. has vowed to change all of that.

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Touted to be India’s first and only eco-labelled web store, it stocks products in bath and beauty, apparel, accessories, food and beverages and even has a dedicated section on sale.

Believing that purity is the route to a healthy life, they have about 2,000 items such as Shishu Ubtan (`120), Herbal Karela Soup (`40), Organic Bio Laundry Bar (`75) and many others. Sourced from NGOs who employ disadvantaged individuals, every product is reasonably priced.

Waste material such as tyre tubes is also recycled into available patchwork diaries, tapric handbags and wallets. Brands like Sattvik Organics, Oilcraft Naturals and many others are housed by the web store.

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